Full Arch Procedure

What is Full Arch?

The “Full Arch” appliance provides a complete top or bottom arch of permanent replacement teeth, supported by four implants. Half of the implants are angled to avoid critical anatomical features like the sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the nerve running through the lower jaw, which enables the surgeon to take advantage of available bone, instead of grafting bone to improve the foundation for dental implants.

How does Full Arch work?

The process starts with a comprehensive exam; a 3D image of the inside of the mouth is taken and will be used to fabricate a set of temporary replacement teeth. When the time comes for surgery, this temporary set is attached immediately after the implant placement surgery. The permanent set of replacement teeth are placed several months later.

Am I a candidate for Full Arch procedure?

This treatment is an excellent option for many patients, but isn’t suitable for all patients who need complete tooth replacement. For instance, there is more support for replacement teeth when six implants are placed in the top jaw, where the bone is less dense than the bone in the bottom jaw. Also, it is not the best option for people who have worn dentures for many years and lost a good deal of bone, which could make it challenging to achieve a truly esthetic result.

We encourage patients who are interested in this procedure to explore all of their treatment options with their dentist or prosthodontist, and schedule a consultation with us to determine the best option for their individual needs.